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Royal Botanical Gardens » Caleb's Walk - Sassafras Trail

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Caleb's Walk - Sassafras Trail

Royal Botanical Gardens Hike 2.8 km 0.84 hours Mixed

Description:  Hike from Westdale to Sassafras Point.  Please note that the calculated distance is for a round-trip.

Cootes Paradise is an 840-hectare wildlife sanctuary containing a 250-hectare coastal wetland located at the west end of Hamilton Harbour , a natural bay at the west end of Lake Ontario . The sanctuary supports a wide variety of plants and animals including rare and threatened species.  Cootes Paradise Marsh is considered one of the most important waterfowl staging habitats on the lower Great Lakes and the largest nursery habitat for fish in the region.

Trailhead:  Access from Oak Knoll Drive

Trail Code

While hiking the trails at the Royal Botanical Gardens, it is important to abide by the trail code: